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jOSiAh's ^_~ Haven

(Un)Grand opening!!

Finally, my site has resurrected from the depths of goodness-knows-where! I remember having like 3 or 4 sites at the same time during the good ol' (geocities) days, then abandoning all of them for half a decade. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at resurrecting my personal website (maybe I'll talk about that some other time), this page has finally made it to the web for public view! woohoo! \(^o^\) (/^.^)/

Haha... it's not as grand as I have expected. Actually, it's not even complete yet. In fact, only this page is working at the moment! I have wanted to make a more graphics-heavy-eye-candy-filled site, but due to lack of time, this simple 2 columnar layout is all I can manage for now. I will just upgrade everything bit by bit, when (or if) I have the time.

Anyway, for those who have been close to me recently, you should know that I will be leaving for the UK for my Masters. Actually, I'll be flying off tonight! Wish me an enjoyable 13 hour flight (yeah right...)! And pray that I will breeze through the ang moh immigration with my cute innocent face *flashes sad puppy eyes* I'm still busy packing and stuff right now at 3am, hence the lack of time to get this page up and running T_T

Haha... so keep checking back for more up to date news on me, that is, if you are interested! (^_^)


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