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Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 2)

Okay, me and my big mouth. I arrived at Leeds/Bradford Airport at about 1:30pm, and was waiting for my luggage. Guess where my luggage went? Actually, I have no idea myself ^^; Lost baggage! *sigh*

Anyway, I filed my lost luggage report... hope to get it back ASAP (T_T)

I was also trying hard to order something to eat. Tried hard to order a sandwich. Okay, I really did not know how to order that. So just chose some safe ingredients for the time being (some Salami and egg mayo.. what's a Salami anyway? I only chose that because I remembered that word from American Pie).

Anyway, I was greeted by the Meet and Greet team from the University, or like how I explained to my mom - "the green t-shirt people". Got a ride on the minibus to campus. I got a temporary "emergency" accommodation at Moor House Road near Headingley, while waiting to be allocated to my permanent residence by tomorrow (hopefully...). Anyway, to make things short, went to dump my stuff and get my keys to the room (nice room btw. Smelt like a hotel room to me). Then went back to campus to join the International Students Reception and Dinner. Met some new friends... and no... I'm not revealing too much here |(-.-)|


1 bakaka said,

u forgot to tell us about ur friends yo…

2 josiah said,

haha…. who are you interested in? Malaysians or Japanese? V

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