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Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 3)

People have been frightening me about the weather in the UK, saying that it's so cold that it'll chill your bones if you don't wear layers of thick clothing. Well, guess what? I'm walking around in a short-sleeved T-Shirt! It's only like being in an air-conditioned room outdoors under bright sunlight that's all. And it just get somewhat chillier at night. I didn't even need my coat - I was even sweating wearing the thick coat that I brought as hand luggage on my flight when I was in London. Good thing I did not bring that many winter clothings. I'll most probably be saving my supposedly Autumn Jacket for winter I guess. But please don't use my description as a guide... I'm known to love cold temperatures in Malaysia (a.k.a. penguin) ...

Yeah. Double happiness today! Got my permanent accommodation (not telling you all where though (^O^) - not like you'll know where it is anyway.... and my luggage bag (along with a "Sorry for the delay" tag from the airlines! Ah... my luggage... how I miss you so! Haha... now I can finally take my shower with proper toiletries! *rushes off for a shower with lots of fragrance*

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