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Flying with MAS

Thought I'll just share my experience flying with MAS from KL to London the other night (or day... I totally lost track of time that day/night)...

Immigration was easy for Malaysians - I just needed to scan my biometric passport at the gate. Now that was a breeze. The security checks weren't as stringent as I'd expected them to be in KLIA (someone told me that it was real strict). I did not even need to remove my laptop from my bag.

I finally boarded the plane at about 10:40pm (Malaysian time). The plane is a Boeing 747, where seats are arranged 3-4-3. My seat number was 56C, which was an aisle seat. They've originally given me a "D" seat actually, which is an aisle seat in the 4-seats group. I've requested for the change actually, since I didn't get a window seat, at least let me have an aisle seat close to the window...

Anyway, the flight was delayed to 12am because of air traffic conditions. Then, again, another announcement was made which went something like this: "We have one passenger who have decided to chicken out at the very last minute and do not want to go to London anymore. We are now searching through the mountains of luggage to find his one single precious bag so that we don't have to bring the extra 30kg along with us. It will take some time to locate the luggage so please bear with us." Okay, it wasn't exactly that - that was just how I interpreted it to be as. Anyway, that case caused our flight to miss our queue, and so the air traffic controller at Bangkok re-queued our flight to 1am. Well, that was how the air-steward explained it anyway. So just spent time chatting (shyly) to the nice Brit couple sitting beside me (they went to Penang, and the hubby loved Penang so much that he did not want to leave he said... ^^;)

Finally, the plane took off at about 1am. After a while, the air-hostess handed us our headphones - we could (finally) use the in-flight entertainment system! I had been reading the brochures while waiting for the plane to take off earlier... and I did see many interesting shows I wanted to watch. And did I mention that this flight has an on-demand entertainment system?! woohoo! This means that I can choose whichever I want to watch whenever I want to watch it. And I can pause, rewind, fast forward or stop whenever I want to! Is that cool or what? Haha.. pity I was somewhat sleepy or else I will just enjoy myself through the whole flight! Overall, I've managed to watch some documentaries ("Turn Back Your Body Clock" was interesting...), "Over the Hedge" (emm...why are there Jawi subtitles?), and a Japanese movie called "School Daze" (starring Moriyama Mirai). Listened to some Jazzy jukebox to put me to sleep too. What a pity I had to waste half the trip sleeping... I wanted to watch more shows actually... I can't believe I'm saying this but I wished my flight was longer (O_O)

Oh yeah, another cool thing is that we get to track the status of our flight. The entertainment system reports a whole lot of real-time data like altitude, outdoor temperature (I saw it went negative at some point...), distance from KL, distance to London, and some nice graphics and animations and maps.

Oh and BTW, this is how an airplane's toilet look like (^_^) The pump was so strong that I'm pretty sure I will get sucked into it if I were to be inside the bowl (^^;)

Haha... well then we have food to talk about. I think about less than an hour after takeoff, the air-hostess passed us hot towels to wash ourselves with, then we get to have dinner (well, supper actually)! We got the choose from 2 dishes, western-style grilled chicken with potatoes or something (can't remember exactly) or steamed rice and fish with nyonya sauce. The Brit couple went for the western dish, and I went for the asian dish. Quite tasty actually. Oh I forgot to take the picture of the Magnum ice-cream which arrived later (^^;)

Later we had breakfast (well, could be lunch, my body clock's already haywire at that time...). This time the couple chose Malaysian style breakfast (a.k.a. Nasi Lemak) and I went for the western style breakfast (it's weird how we keep choosing different dishes). Well... not as great as my dinner, maybe I'm just too used to Malaysian dishes...

Haha... well arrived at Heathrow airport at about 6:30am London Time (that would be 1:30pm Malaysian Time). We have actually arrived much earlier but had to circle and circle around to wait for the air-traffic to clear. And well, read the earlier posts for what happened after landing... (^^;)


1 bakaka said,

T-T Magnum ice cream~~
What wonderful service~~
and so much food~~
stewardess pretty or not?

2 josiah said,

They were not that pretty… in fact, I thought that one of them looked like a *cough* hooker *cough*

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