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It Has Been One Week!

Counting today, I have been in the UK for 9 whole days. Wow... and it already seems like an eternity...

For privacy reasons, I will not be posting a diary-like what-did-i-do-today kind of blog (well, most of the time anyway). I already have that in my *PRIVATE* diary (^O^) Anyhow, I will try to share as much things as possible without revealing too much of my private life (^.^)

Anyway... I was browsing through and clearing up my photos taken here. And well to sum things up, here is what I have gathered from my one week observations

culture shock - well... i surprisingly did not experience much culture shock (yet). Maybe I am just too open minded - I was not even surprised about having condoms dispensers in public toilets... hmm... encouraging sex in the toilet? I dunno... (^^;)

weather - well I have thought that it was already autumn here. but from what I heard the weather here is still considered summer-like, and will get much colder in a few weeks' time... well, we'll see (^_^) Right now, it is quite perfect for me, and I surprisingly did not get ANY flu or cold or itchy nose and stuff like that here (yet) (which I get quite often in Malaysia). And I don't actually hate the sun anymore (O_o)

coins - okay, I have to complain, but can't UK have better design for coins!? I mean, 20p coins have a smaller size compared to 10p coins... and can't you just print a big fat 1 or 2 on the 1-pound and 2-pound coins? I needed a few minutes just to figure out how much a coin is worth when I first arrived. I mean, I had to keep rotating the coin to read the (tiny) text "TWO POUNDS" engraved on the outer ring. Talk about usability...

wash basins in rooms - whoever thought of that, GOD BLESS YOU. Having a sink in your room is so convenient, don't you think? I can wash my hands, wash my face, shave, do my hair, brush my teeth, wash my mugs, get my drinking water etc. It even comes with hot water! It's a wonder that I have never thought about that in Malaysia...

instant water! - yeah to Malaysians, water is clean enough and drinkable directly from the tap (well, cold water only. Hot water is supposedly poisonous from rust). To non-Malaysians who don't know, NEVER EVER drink directly from a Malaysian tap!

sleeping - hmm... something I enjoy. Weather is cold enough for a duvet (quilt, those thick fluffy blankets where you usually find in hotels in Malaysia). I even bought 3 pillows for my room (I know somebody who will like that ^O^). Very comfy... and my duvet cover and pillowcase (got them for 5 pounds) are real cute too *love*

Haha... I could go on and on but I think I'll stop for now (^_~)

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