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Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (Or rather instant microwavable food)

Okay, food!!

Something that I had a few days back... It's called Uncle Ben's Express Egg Fried Rice. Cut a little hole, put it in the microwave oven and tada! Pity it did not taste that great - i had to add some kicap (which I bought from the Chinese Supermarket that very same day).

And only just now, I had the sweet sour chicken which I mentioned in the previous post. Well, it wasn't really good enough for my tastebuds - not enough kick actually... (^^;) Alright, it tastes horrible...

Haha... I haven't been eating just these instant food. Let's look at something healthier (^_^)

Looks nice? In fact, I had this very same dish TWICE already, just for the sake of taking this picture (forgot to take it the first time around). It's from a Chinese stall in the city centre. I really like the food there actually (and it tastes Chinese...). The tauke's from Hong Kong, and he even gave me the prawn crackers and Chinese Tea for free! The main course is

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