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Second day in the kitchen!

Haha... was wondering what to cook today... I did not have much time, so finally decided on instant noodles again ^^; But it's Indomie Mi Goreng Perisa Asli this time... thought that I might not be full enough, so I've added some side dish. The result?

I was smart enough to defrost the sausages using the microwave this time around...(^^;)

Hmm... maybe I do have a flair in cooking... well at least in culinary decoration anyway... (^o^)


1 bakaka said,

what’s that half circular thing on the left??
and the sausages look bursting fat…
i dah over my abstinence from phlegm-inducing foods, so can dream already…

2 josiah said,

the big half-circular thingy is just a simple plain fried omelette folded into half ^^;

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