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I Don't Know My Name!

Help! Since day 1, I cringe everytime I have to fill up a form here in the UK.


I do not know how to fill up my name!

It's not like I forgot my name or anything. It's just because there's no such thing as "Full name" in most forms! Instead, it's "Surname/Family Name/Last Name" and "First Name" and sometimes even "Middle Name(s)". A normal Chinese could have filled up the forms easily, but no... not me. I had to have a Christian name right BEFORE my surname, and another Chinese name AFTER my surname. So, with my name being JOSIAH WANG AH BENG (not my real name), how WOULD you fill up those damn bloody forms?! Well, WANG is my surname/family name obviously, and JOSIAH would be my first name. Then where should I put "AH BENG" (not my real name)? Middle name? I had an instance where "BENG" (not my real name) became my surname/last name! I'm registered with "WANG AH BENG" (not my real name) as my surname at my School here. That's one option.

Even the bank and the clinic had problems searching for my data... and I don't even remember what I entered in which of those fields (T_T) At least there's still this searchable key called Date of Birth over here...

In the end, just plain old JOSIAH WANG (and ignoring my Chinese roots?) would be the easiest way out if they do not need my full name. Else...


1 YP said,

Josiah: I think you should identify yourself as Josiah Ah-Beng Wang (not your real name of course), this is a very common practice for Chinese with English name to indentify themselves in western land. This way, they will not mistaken what your surname (or last name) should be and very often they will skip the middle part of the name and address you as Josiah Wang, which is correct.

2 josiah said,

Hmm…good idea. That would make my first name Josiah, middle name Ah-Beng (not my real name) and last name Wang. Yeah… maybe I should adopt that… thanks YP (^_^)

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