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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

No matter where you are...
No matter who you are...
Whenever you look up into the sky at night...
The moon you see will always be the same as mine...

Happy Lantern Festival! (^_^)

P.S. I'm an amateur photographer ok? At least the moon came out big and bright...


1 bakaka said,

ju3 tou2 wang4 ming2 yue4
di1 tou2 si1 gu4 xiang1
...we forgot to look at the moon that night…too busy sleeping n.n” (i from 6pm-10pm, then 12pm-9am, altogether 13 hours of sleep)
But your Moon ish soo big and bright~~~

2 YP said,

Hmm… all we saw was a hazy sky, thanks to the annual gift Indonesia is giving us at Malaysia every year.

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