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83.48 pounds?!!

83.48 pounds?!!

Just to fix my camera and replace the lens?!!
Oh wait, it's including "handling and VAT" too...

And if you think 80 bucks is cheap, multiply that by 7. And remember that it's not to get a new camera, it's just to fix it!

A brand new camera (this same model) costs about 180pounds right now... could be cheaper if I look hard enough...

Maybe I should just get a new one (but mine is only 2 months old T?T...)? Or get a different brand altogether? Or maybe I should check out how much it's worth to fix it in Malaysia first... or maybe I could just give it to my sister after fixing it in Malaysia if it's cheaper (so that she can be a photograph addict too!). Or does anybody have a better opinion?

And no, my international warranty didn't work, since product should "show no evidence of damage upon receipt". Yeah, there's an obvious mark on my lens where "damage has been sustained" T_T

P.S. I'm still in a state of shock right now.

Updated: Decided to go ahead with the repair, since the person who broke my camera has offered to sponsor half the bill as compensation. At least 40 pounds is still not that bad...

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