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One Assignment Down!

C= C= (-o -)

What a relief!

I've just passed up one stupid essay! Woohoo!

I'm supposed to answer the question "Is Every Software System a Computational Model?". Not only that, I have to give examples from a journal (provided by my lecturer) from 1993, and also examples from what those guys from the paper are doing right now. Yeah right, talk about a bunch of people who I do not even know or care about...

Anyway, at least I have got it done. I haven't been writing essays since like my BETA year in MMU. And I have never ever proof-read my article as thoroughly as this time in all my life! (there was a criteria in the marking scheme about spelling and grammar, so had to be really careful about it) Not even in my SPM! And no, I hardly check my grammar on this blog, and I'm sure there are like a hundred errors all over...

I really hope there will be no more essay assignments any more... it's so much work... I would prefer programming assignments any time... I find essays a waste of time - you don't learn much, and you just bullshit throughout the essay!

Yay! Time for some stress relief!! And get on with other assignments next week (T_T)

Oh yeah, for those interested, I answered yes to the question. Of course, not a definitely definite yes, just in case (^_^)

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