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Adventures of the Gingerbread Pigs

This is a story about 2 little pigs.

Once upon a time, 2 little pigs named Gingie and Breadie wandered into the home of a little boy. This little boy loved them, took them in, and treated them as his own. The pigs were very happy to have such a loving person as their master, and they lived happily ever after. Or did they? Unbeknownst to them, this innocent-looking little boy was in fact the reknowned evil wizard of all time, Lord Josiah. One night, when Gingie and Breadie were sound asleep, Lord Josiah, using his great mystical power, sealed both pigs in 2 separate black cages.

Josiah: BWAHAHAHAHA!! You must feel very proud to have stepped into the home of the great Lord Josiah!!
Gingie: No! How can this be? You tricked us!
Breadie: What are you going to do to us?!
Josiah: I can feel a great magical aura around both of you! I will consume your great spiritual power and be even more powerful than you can ever imagine!!
Gingie: No!! You can't do that!
Breadie: We loved you like our parents! Is all the love you bestowed upon us just a lie?
Josiah: No. Of course not. I loved you with all my heart - as food for my magical soul!!
Gingie: What? You have to eat us for our spiritual powers?
Josiah: Of course. What did you think? Now, who shall I eat first?
Gingie: I don't mind you eating me. But please... just leave Breadie alone. He's too young to die, and he's still a virgin.
Breadie: Eat Gingie Eat Gingie don't eat me!!
Josiah: Haha... with pleasure. *picks up Gingie* I will devour you bit by bit, and I will savour every single second your body parts mingles with my soul. Now, which part should I eat first? Hmm... your tail looks nice.

Gingie: Heehhee... that tickles.
Josiah: You love it don't you? Hmm... your ears are cute too...

Gingie: Ah... don't bite me there....
Josiah: You really are enjoying yourself, aren't you? Now, your legs look fat and juicy...
Gingie: No!! Not my legs!!

Gingie: *cries in pain*
Josiah: Mmm... that's delicious... what should I have next? Your body looks nice and fat, thanks to my constant feeding.

Gingie: *cries even louder* Please... no more! Please spare me oh great master!!
Josiah: What indescribable taste! I have never tasted anything so exquisite in my life! Ooh... I can feel the power flowing within my body! What great power!! Ahhh! The nose!!

Josiah: My sense of smell has never been better! This is great!!
Gingie: Pwease vet me vive! Spare me my eyes! *shows sad puppy eyes*
Josiah: Ooh... what beautiful eyes!

Josiah: Ah... I have never felt so great in my life. Pity I have no more piggies left. Oh wait...

Josiah: *evil grin*
Breadie: *whimper* .


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u r so cruel….TToTT

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