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Just Felt Like Writing in Chinese...

??????????????????????????????????? ??????-???????????????
??????????????, ?????????????!*??*

This is my first time by Chinese tribe Chinese style pavilion. Hee hee! I have not written the Chinese character for a long time. Finally truly writes the Chinese character also to be supposed to be the middle school time! Thought same year my elementary school time Chinese was level of sticks. After what a pity went to the middle school on not to completely read the extracurricular reading material. University time worse - I am complete have not written to half Chinese article. I also thought my Chinese has not had the medicine to be possible now to rescue, but most inconceivable is my China flatmate said my Chinese good many are also more than mine English! (O_O) are they should be cannot listen to our big horse's English cavity (write like this? )! Others come England is must improve their English, but I come England am improve my Chinese! * Laughs *

Haha... I was too lazy to translate that so I asked Babelfish to do it. I couldn't resist posting the translation! (^o^) But I think you can roughly guess what I was typing about (^,^)

?= cavity? ??????????! ??????leh!
"level of sticks"? *rolls on floor laughing*

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