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Nottingham! Formerly known as Snottingham! Also known as "Tigguo Cobauc" (City of Caves)!

Actually, I was supposed to be there to support my team from Leeds in the Malaysian Nottingham Games (the supposedly largest annual Malaysian sporting event in the U.K.). But who cares? It was the best chance for a tour! (^o^)

Taking a picture with Robin Hood is definitely a must!

And I should seize this chance to be his apprentice!

The Nottingham Castle Gatehouse "was the only external gate into the medieval castle...built between 1251 and 1255..." [1]
[1] "Welcome to Nottingham Castle" leaflet worth 50p

I want one of these!! Weeeee....

The current Nottingham Castle (now a museum) was built in the 17th Century. The one from the Middle Ages was demolished... so no more of the castle from Robin Hood's time (TT_TT)

Oooh... dark ooky spooky caves during the cave tour... ~~~~(m - -)m

"Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem"... touted to be the oldest inn in England... well, nobody knows how true is the claim anyway...

The "award winning" City of Caves tour. These are man-made caves, and was used as homes for poor folks and also as shelters during wars. This picture is part of the underground tannery used to make leather from animal skins. According to the tour guide, this is where people throw in animal droppings, poo, dungs, dead rats, dead animals... you get the idea. The final ingredient is - human urine! I'm guessing that's what the "boy" there is doing (^^;). So this rojak will breed bacterias, which will be fighting against each other, causing blood, fur and everything to fall off, leaving only leather! Hmmm... smart... It is said that the stench was so foul that even rats couldn't stand it!

Haha... that's just some of the interesting bits of my tour (^_^)

And I wasted 2 pounds on 2 pens. I thought they looked cool... there's "Robin Hood ? Maid Marion" engraved on them. You can reserve one of them as a souvenir if you want it (one is gold and another is silver)... first come first serve! (^o^)


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o~~ love the 2nd photo…and the pens~~
the slide photo pose is kinda familiar…//// ~~

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