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Toffee Apples!

I purposely went in search for these things called Toffee Apples during my shopping trip today... (have been dying to try it when I first heard of it)


Yummy. Sweet sweet. Fit for a sweet-tooth like me (*^_^*). Haha... the advantages of being brought up in Kelantan... (try ordering a glass of teh-o-peng in a Malay shop in Kelantan and you'll know what I mean...)

Basically, a Toffee Apple is an apple coated with hard, sugary sweet red candy. So you have to take your time licking off the coat of candy before you get to sink your teeth into the apple!

Oh yeah, I've even got hold of the recipe for making this during my trip to Nottingham (^_____^). This and the recipe for Treacle Toffee (^_^).


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