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Harry Potter's Schoolbag!

Oooh... lookie what we have here... (^__^)

I wonder what's inside? (^/.\^)





"Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" and "Quidditch through the Ages"! Ooh... and "Fantastic Beasts" belongs to Harry too... finally get to see his handwriting (^O^)/ I found his (and Ron's) doodles to be most interesting... (^__^) Naughty boys they really are... doodling during class...

Haha... actually I only found out about these books while doing my (somewhat related) coursework... you must really be wondering what kind of weird courseworks I must be doing over here (^,^)... will talk about them some other time, hopefully... (^__^) They were written by J.K. Rowling for charity... (and for her own amusement I guess (^^;))

I actually paid 4 pounds 1p for this. Actually... the whole "schoolbag" (along with the books) costs only 1.26. The delivery charge was 2.75 (O_O) That's what you get for buying stuff online ...oh I got it from marketplace, used my UK credit card for the first time (^,^) - at least no more "multiply by seven" scare from my credit card bill from Malaysia (O_O)... my camera fixing cost in RM was (>o<) But then, now I'm really tempted to buy some stuff from this site! Goodness knows how long I can control myself o(>,<)o

Well.. at least this one's worth it. I initially wanted to order the 2 books separately for 0.01 pounds (!) each... but they are charging separate delivery charges for both books, even if they were from the same vendor.... (this is daylight robbery i tell you!!! (>.<) ) Good thing I managed to find this packaged version - it's much cheaper altogether, and comes with a (plastic) schoolbag and a library bookplate (see lower left corner)! I'm not going to spoil the fun by spilling out to you the things written there... (^,^)

Oh... have I ever mentioned that I am a Harry Potter fan? (^_^)

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