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Visualisation and Virtual Reality Group Open Day

I attended an open day (well, just an afternoon...) session by the Visualisation and Virtual Reality (VVR) Group at my uni to just have a look at the gadgets and toys they have been playing around with...

YP *might* be more interested in this than in my cooking... haha... although he might have already seen all these goodies before being the expert he is ^^;

Anyway... a short presentation has already started when I arrived... (blame it on our Malaysian time lah...) They broke us up into small groups to see different things separately.

The group is really proud of this so called giant "wall". I'm not too sure about the official term for it. Actually, it's just lots of LCD monitors glued together in a 7x4 grid. The good thing about this is that you can see images with more precision (i think they said it's more than 50 megapixels). They showed us on this "wall" some stuff, such as maps and a visual of a Mandelbrot set (which is still very detailed after zooming in), and as shown in the picture, a visualisation of the heart of a guinea pig, zoomed in goodness-knows-how-many times.

What I liked most about the "wall" actually is its controller! They are smart enough to use a gamepad to control it! Haha... so being the playful me, I attempted to zoom OUT the image using the analog controler until I cannot see a thing. I wanted to make the image vanish, but well... people were already staring at me at that moment (^^;)

Anyway... I later got to play with more toys! First is the immersive VR stuff - one of these actually. I had to play this game, while wearing the head-mounted display. You have to go around the "room" and lift and "grab" the reb cube inside each "box" (this is using a controller). It's the miracle that I wasn't tangled up (^^;) they should really make it wireless...

Then I got to be a surgeon! I had to try to stitch a "heart"... well i think it's supposed to be a heart... can't remember... could be other organ parts... I had to grab the (real) tweezer thingy (sorry... not a medical expert here...) which is stuck to an equipment.... then you can see yourself really grabbing hold of a thread and get some force feedback while attempting to stitch the heart. Thank goodness I'm not a surgeon, or people would have died (^^;)

Finally... it's just some demo of some of the member's (former student) projects. One is an MSc project - visualisation of earthquakes, another is about playing 3D Tetris collaboratively online - objective was to determine whether collaborative playing online is better than solo (obvious answer of course). You can get more info about the tetris one here.

Yeah... just a summary. Not too many pictures... but you get the idea (^^;)

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