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My Long Lost Octuplets!

o(_ _)O
Andy Lau and Stephen Chow? Someone tell me that I won't look like them when I grow old...please??? And Nick Carter of all people!!? I don't know whether to laugh or to cry...

Just to check the consistency of the results.... I've tried with another photo. The result?

Anuar Zain... (-.-|||||||)

Well... on the bright side, at least I'm comparable to Hamasaki Ayumi, Ueto Aya and Camilia Belle (^^;)

It also confirms that Datuk Michelle Yeoh is somehow a distant relative of mine (^^;)...

Oh.... did I mentioned that I've also tried this on pictures of other people I know? Some pics were from my PC, and others... well... let's just say that Friendster and MMU's FIT staff list are very nice preying grounds (^___^)


1 YP said,

you really look like Shirley Temple.. :))

2 bakaka said,

did u test me?
preferably, using the young cute maria =)

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