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Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, that is 26th December. There are many different stories behind Boxing Day, but in the UK, it basically means Mega Sale Day!

I have heard that people queue up in the wee hours of the morning just to get bargains, but I did not witness this - but then I only went downtown at around 9am. Some shops were not even opened yet!

Actually, I had nothing to buy. I just went around to see whether there are any worthy bargains, after hearing how cheap it will be from other Malaysians. Yeah, it's considered cheap for branded stuff, but I hardly care about brands, even in Malaysia. Most "branded" stuff I have are either from Thailand or pasar malam! Haha... Shopping in the UK usually means branded stuff... I wanted to find some shoes (I only have a pair at the moment), but couldn't find any which are of worth to me - the cheaper ones (about 20 pounds after discount) are not that nice, and the nicer ones (Nike) are still too expensive for me (40 pounds - 60 pounds? Can't remember). Hey, I wear slippers in Malaysia most of the time ok?

Finally, I ended up with a pair of Burton jeans (15 pounds), a sling bag (7 pounds after 50% discount) and erm... a USB gamepad (^,^). I almost bought a new watch for 12 pounds because my current (RM20 Petaling Street) watch went dead a few days ago - most probably the batteries. But I changed my mind.

A little disappointing actually. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. I think I can get better bargains at 1-Utama (still my favourite shopping centre by far!). Girls will most probably enjoy the shopping experience better than I did though. I find grocery shopping much more fun (^,^).

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