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Reflections for 2006...

To those who celebrate it - Happy 2007!

I don't really care about "New Year"... it doesn't bring any meaning to me (did I mention that 1st Jan is not a public holiday in Kelantan?). To me, it's just another new year - so what? What's there to "celebrate"? It's not like you can see that 2007 is going to be the best year of your life or anything. I'm still speechless looking at those ang mohs going all huggie and kissie (and drunk) like they've just been released from the darkest depths of hell or something. I have come to the conclusion that "New Year" is just an excuse for people to party all night... yeah... sorry for being such a spoilsport but I just don't get it. Of course, I totally support people giving sincere wishes for a good year ahead. I just don't like the "celebration" and "partying" idea.

Anyhow, this is still a very good time for me to reflect on my life in 2006. It has been a hell of an exciting year. Let's see what has happened/what have I done thoughout 2006.
1. Worked as a tutor as MMU. Earned my own money.
2. Got mugged near Kota Raya a week before Chinese New Year. Luckily they only took my lovely 1.5-month-old LG 3300 clamshell handphone (ToT)
3. Went to 1-Utama almost every weekend since March (since 1U started provided the shuttle service). At least I get to avoid KL (see point 2 above) unless I need to go Low Yat.
4. RapidKL has a major revamp. Hopefully it stays good.
4. Went to the UK (Leeds) in September for postgraduate studies.
5. Flew out of Malaysia for the first time.
6. Flew on MAS for the first time.
7. Got me a new digital camera (Casio Exilim) on my birthday, using my parents' money (^,^). Got broken after 2 months (ToT).
8. Learned to cook proper meals!
9. Had H

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