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Christkindelmarkt (Part 2)

As promised, continuing from part 1, here is part 2 of the German Christmas Market, where I will talk about all the food! o(*TT*)o

(Caution: I am not responsible for any hunger, indigestion, insomnia, loss of saliva, trauma or any other physical, physiological or psychological damage caused from looking at or reading this article!)

First up, it's a sausage fest!! Lots and lots of big, fat, long, thick, juicy, chewable, yummy, aromatic, sweaty oily, salty, mouthwatering, suckinglicious, sinful German sausages (a.k.a. Bratwurst)! My camera cover (in one of the pics below) is 11cm long - you do the math. They are really much bigger than they appear here... they are a little saltish by the way... me like!

Cheese sausage...

Curry sausage...



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