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Siew Yuk and Char Siew Rice

Still remember about the Char Siew Rice I talked about months ago? I have finally gotten my ass over there again and got myself a “double”: char siew AND siew yuk.

I asked the tauke to increase the amount of siew yuk and reducing the char siew, since I did not like the dry char siew that much…

Oh and this time I tapau-ed. So I did not have to force myself to finish up the rice… 3/4 of the rice in the fridge right now awaiting to be turned into fried rice (^_^) The take-out container is about 24cm x 14cm. You judge the size.


1 YP said,

you made me to have a gastric attack…it look so nice and I am so hungry now but it is midnight….:(

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