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Bits of Britain #1: Telling Time

Telling time...

The British Way: "It's twelve to one".
My brain:
1. 12 to 1. So it's 12 mins to 1 o' clock.
2. There is 60 minutes in an hour. So this means I have to subtract 12 from 60. This would give me 60-12=48.
3. So it's 1:48. Oh wait, it's 12 mins BEFORE 1 o' clock. So I have to decrement the hour. That would make it...
4. "12:48".

The Malaysian Way: "twelve forty-eight"
My brain:
1. "12:48".

Sorry... but my brain has been tuned to be digital when it comes to telling time. I can't process analog descriptions properly... although at least I can still interpret "half two" quite quickly...

Yeah... my brain still works at lower levels of abstraction... now I know how all my Java programs feel when executing my "high level" instructions...


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