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Bits of Britain #2: Buses and Coaches

In the UK, there is a distinction between different kinds of buses.

bus = a transport which frequently picks people up at many stops halfway. Could be a normal bus, a double decker bus or a long-looking bus (I don't know the term for this, they look like buses with two or three sections connected to each other, like a train or a caterpillar. I must take a picture of it someday! (^_^)) Usually short distances. Or "stage bus" in Malaysia (think RapidKL or Metrobus).

coach = express bus. Longer distances, limited stops at designated stations (think Konsortium Bas Express or Transnasional).

I don't know why, but I kept getting confused with the term "coach" and "train" when I first got here. I kept thinking that they mean the same thing. It did not help that the station in Leeds is called the "Bus and Coach Station". (^^;)

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