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It snowed again in Leeds yesterday morning, at about 10am. In fact, not only Leeds: there was thick snow all over the UK, especially in Central and Southern England (London, Birmingham etc.). However, to quote some news report, it has "lost a bit of its oomph" when it arrived at Leeds. It only lasted for about an hour or two. All the snow has disappeared (melted) in less than an hour. It did continue to snow (lightly) in the afternoon, but the temperature couldn't sustain the snow, so the snow melted the instant it hit the ground.

So no snowman (again!). (T^T) Yeah, I know people find snow troublesome, since it wrecks havoc to roads, trains etc. But I'm just a selfish little brat who is ignorant of the troubles of the world and just wants to build his first snowman (^O^). In fact, I'm so jealous of the kids (and dogs!!) in these pictures. (>_<)

Coincidentally, I had a morning lecture, or else I would have completely missed it (unless they had snow in dreamland). Unlike the first time, this time I can actually see snow properly for the first time. And it's really really pretty (^_^). Read more for the pictures I took on my way back from lectures!

Even pizzas are not spared!

Here's a video to go with it, taken from my room. (Note the reflection of my camera lens!)

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