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I slept late last night. What was I doing? Riding down memory lane of course...

(1) Viewing the opening video for M.A.S.K. Never noticed that the song was so Eighties! "Masked crusaders... working overtime... fighting crime! fighting crime!" *sings along gleefully*

(2) Marvelling at all the M.A.S.K. toys at This guy really has EVERYTHING! I'm quite surprised that I (well ok, with my big brother combined) have (or had) so many of them too. I wonder how much fortune has my parents spent on those goodies?

(3) Viewing many videos of the good old Care Bears. I'm talking about the ones from the 80s: the series and the 2 movies. I especially loved the 2nd movie. They were all so heart-warming, and not to mention with great music too. The newer ones do not have the same charm as in the old ones. Why don't they make shows like this anymore? *shudders just thinking about all the new violent Western "cartoons"* And before you start saying that Care Bears is exclusively for girls, it was a unisex show during its peak.

(4) Looking at more intro videos at Noticed some nostalgic shows like My Secret Identity, Saber Riders, Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, and Bionic Six.

Ah... the good old eighties...

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