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Bits of Britain #3: Cashback

First, some definitions:
Cashpoint = ATM Machine, a point where you can get cash.
Cashcard = ATM Card + Debit Card

Now, when you go grocery shopping and pay with your debit card, the cashier might ask you something like "do you want any cashback?" Intuitively, one might think "of course I want my cash back! Who doesn't want their money back after spending it?"

Unfortunately, the cashier meant something different, something along the lines of "darling, since I am going to steal money from your debit card anyway, would you like me to be your Cashpoint so that you do not have to go all the way to a machine to withdraw money? Just tell me how much you need!"

So, no free cash. I still wonder how the misleading term "Cashback" came about?


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