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Free Goodies!

Eat Late Eat Safe is a promotional campaign to prevent those looking for a midnight snack after a night of consuming alcoholic beverages to burn down the house while attempting to cook their meal (while on a high). The solution? Pop a Rustlers in the microwave and get an instant burger in 70 seconds!

They were outside the University of Leeds yesterday to distribute free stuff. I was lucky to pass by in the morning and managed to grab a FREE box of Rustlers Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Bap AND a leaflet which comes with a coupon that gives 40p off any Rustlers. I have forgotten to take a picture of the box, so you get the microwaved version instead.

Later in the afternoon, I did what a typical Malaysian would naturally do. I grabbed another set! (^______^)

I saw lots of the leaflets lying wastefully around today. Of course, I (again) did what a typical Malaysian would do - I picked up *just one* of them! Hey, anything with a discount is good! (^,^)

I'm so proud to be a Malaysian (^^;)

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