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Behind Every Dish...

You have previously seen some of my cooking, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? I would like to introduce to you the unsung heroes: without them, there will never exist such beautiful masterpieces.

No... not me... (>////<)

Zooming in... the gas stove. Especially the front left and back right, which are often for some reasons highly in demand among my flatmates. Deep frying, shallow frying, stir frying and boiling all happen here. The best thing about this piece of equipment? The built-in lighter! (The small leftmost button). No need for any weird guns or matches!

The grill. Which I often use to make my char siew (^_^)

The gas oven, which I often use nowadays. I find it very convenient! Just turn the dial to the appropriate "gas mark" (each of which has a corresponding temperature), and pop whatever you want to bake into the oven, go back to your room to type some useless blog, and come back some time later to pick up your food! Paper wrapped chicken, roasted chicken, roasted pork, chicken chop, fish and chips, oven chips (fries), nuggets, pizza, sausages, pies... you name it! I'll definitely miss this if I leave!! Now I just have to try to bake some cakes (^_^)

The microwave oven. I've used it quite a lot when I first arrived (instant food anybody?). But I rarely use it nowadays, especially when I've started using the gas oven - I'm not in that much of a hurry anyway...

The refrigerators, important for storing my food supplies. Two freezers at the bottom. The whole right-most (bottom) freezer is basically monopolised by yours truly (^_^) (it's filled with Haagen Dazs/Ben & Jerry ice-creams, frozen food etc.)

My trusty multipurpose wok and his loyal sidekick, the saucepan.

Finally, multitudes of condiments, sauces and spices to spice up all my dishes! (Did I mention these are all mine? (^^;))

I will definitely need all these wonderful equipment if I were to ever do any serious cooking in Malaysia! (^_^)


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alright.. it is time for you to post your full-body photos..from front and side. you probably need landscape format for your photos :))

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