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Liverpool Revisited (Part 1): Liverpool Cathedral

I was back at Liverpool! And this time very determined to visit the two cathedrals which I failed to visit the last time.

First up is the Liverpool Cathedral, an Anglican cathedral.

And from another angle...

The interiors of the cathedral. Excuse my shoddy camera skills. (^^;)

It is also a good experience to climb up the tower. So, took two lifts to the 10th floor and emerged to see the church bells. The big middle one is called Great George, weighing at about 14.5 tons. The other 13 bells surrounding it are all given names: Emmanuel, Bede, David, Paul, Chad, Gilbert, Cuthlac, Michael, Nicholas, Martin, Peter, Oswald, and James.

Ooh... ooky-spooky stairs... 108 steps to be exact. Me likey (^^;)

And we are at the top of the tower! It comes with lightning conductors.

Here I am, 331 feet (101m) above street level, and 500 ft. above sea level, staring down at all worthless humans down below!!! BWAHAHAHA! Oh, and you can see the Catholic cathedral from here too.

And here we can see Mersey River, The Three Graces, Albert Docks etc.

And then you can jump down from here. Yeah right.

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