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Mister Monday

Those who know me (ok, those who really really know me) should know that reading is something that I do not generally enjoy. In fact, the only books I've actually been reading in recent years are the Harry Potter series. When I mentioned it (the fact that I hate reading) to a lecturer when I first came over the UK, he commented something like "you must have not been given the right books to read".

So it is to my utter shock that I've actually bought a book to read. And actually enjoyed it immensely.

I've been reading "Mister Monday" by Garth Nix, which is the first book (out of seven) to the "Keys to the Kingdom" series. Bought a second hand one from for 1.45 pounds (+2.75 postage). I can't really give a detailed account of the plot without revealing spoilers, but here's the basic story: the main character (Arthur Penhaligon) gets into a situation where it seems like lots of weird characters appear to be trying to get him. And well he gets involved in an adventure in a land of fantasy and magic. It gets dark and scary at times. I found "Mister Monday" to be exciting right from the start: it has kept me on my toes throughout. Even the ending is a cliffhanger! (>.<)

Of course, the major plus point of the book is its simple presentation. I don't find books enjoyable when you have to crack your head to decipher the hidden meaning of those very very long windy sentences. And realising that you have been staring at the same paragraph for an hour and not registering any of words in your brain. I am an advocate of simple, straightforward sentences. That will allow me to enjoy the story instead of using up my brain's computing power to parse the sentences. And that's what "Mister Monday" manages to do: letting me enjoy its story.

I have already bought 2 of the sequels... Grim Tuesday and Drowned Wednesday! Retail price is 5.99 each, but I got them for 3.59 each through Waterstones' online store, and chose a FREE delivery to their nearest store. Dirt cheap if you consider the fact that a McD value meal costs around 3 pounds.

I guess I haven't been reading the right books after all!

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