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The Battle with The Trojans - Part 1

This is a story about the epic battle of General Wang. This is based on a true story of a normal, young boy who, (ironically) after an exam on Computer Security, displayed his expert skills in an attempt to defeat his dark nemesis.

Since the story is quite long, it has been broken down into two parts. Here is part one...


Part 1

It was a bright sunny afternoon on the 16th of May 2007. General J.K. Wang sat down on his desk and sighed.

"What's the matter, dear?" asked his trustworthy private secretary, H.P. Compaq, who has just risen from her slumber.

There was silence. General Wang picked up a piece of haw flake and nibbled on it. He sighed again. "The minister has just too much time on his hands. I have much better things to do than to answer his endless stream of inquiries. I mean, who cares about why he should reveal the brand of salt he uses or why he should fire a worthless incompetent consultant who actually destroys evidence before doing forensic analysis? Fortunately for me, I managed to evade one of his questions about 'Storm Worms', which he thinks is some sort of exotic delicacy. Bah! I wonder how he even became a minister in the first place?"

"There there honey. Here, have a nice warm cup of Chinese tea. It should cool you down."

"Thank you darling. Well, I just hope that's the last I see of him and his questions. Anyway, can you please ask M.S. Anne to pass me any new messages received whilst I was being bombard by the minister? Oh, and also check for any posts from Y. Am and Goo Girl Tawk on the way too will you?"

"Sure dear. Just a moment please." She stepped out of the office, and came back a minute later balancing two thick stack of documents on both hands.

"Thank you very much Compaq. As efficient as usual I see."

"Anything for you my dear..." she winked, and left the room.

"Now let's see... private live webcams, enlarge your thing... the same usual junk... Hmm... what's this? I've never seen these weird symbols before... and I definitely don't remember needing to scroll to see these symbols..."

"Yeah maybe I should just hover my magic wand over the symbols, just in ca - WHAT ARE YOU DOING BARGING IN LIKE THAT AYWEE GEE???"

Colonel AyWee Gee has bursted into the room, and has shut the door behind him with a bang.

" thheeer... innn....too.... der..."

"Calm down, AyWee Gee. And catch your breath first."

AyWee Gee took a deep breath and calmed himself. Then he said,


"Talk slowly! I can't understand a word you're saying!"

"Sorry, General. We have caught two intruders trespassing within the vicinities of this camp."

"What? Intruders? Who are they?"

"From what I have gathered, they are known as Small 58 AW, from the Trojan Horse Downloader tribe."

"The Trojan Horse Downloader tribe? What brings them here?"

"I know not of the reason behind their presence. They have attempted to bypass me with a disguise. They've even marked themselves with 'MyTest[1].jpg' and 'MyTest[2].jpg' in big black letters! Hah! Like I'd be fool by such amateur disguises"

"Of all disguises! Good job AyWee Gee. Bring those nuisance to the execution chamber. Get rid of them before they start doing anything fishy!!"

"Aye aye sir!" And he marched out of the room. Several minutes later, cries of agony and pain was heard from the execution chamber. And there was silence.

"Ah... silence at last. I barely had time to recover from the minister's probings and now this. Oh... the life of a general. Right, I need some rest now." General Wang lifted his teacup. The cup barely touched his lips when the door to his office was suddenly banged opened yet again.


"I'm so sorry to barge in sir but we have confiscated a suspicious letter which was on its way out." said the lieutenant in charge of taking care of all posts to and from the camp.

"Suspicious? Why do you say that?"

"Well Sir. Initially I thought it was suspicious that someone woulld want to send a letter to Korea."

"Korea? Why on earth would we want to send a message to Korea?!"

"That's why I was suspicious. Things became even more suspicious when I keep receiving the same copy of the letter every one minute."

"Every minute? This is crazy. There must be a spy hidden here somewhere. Well, as long as he can't get the letter out, he can't do anything about it. Can't it? Well done and continue to keep track of all these letters."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." And off he went.

"Hmmm.... a spy, right here? Interesting... I have better be careful..."


Later that evening...

"Ah... time for some entertainment! Compaq! Bring in the dancers!"

As Compaq was bringing in the dancers, General Wang noticed something amiss.

"Wait a minute. Who is this girl? And you too. Who are both of you? I have not seen you before around here."

Who are these 2 foreigners? Where did they come from? What are they doing in General Wang's room? Stay tuned to Part 2 to find out! (^_^)

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