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jOSiAh's ^_~ Haven

The Battle with the Trojans (and Worms) - Part 2


Recap: Two intruders trespassed and were executed. There seemed to be outgoing letters to Korea: this means that there is a spy within the compound. And then 2 foreigners were spotted amongst the dancers.

"Answer me. Who are you??"

There was silence whilst the two foreigners were brought to their knees. Despite the threats they received, they uttered not a single word.

"I'm asking you again. Who are you and what are you doing here in my private chambers?"

Still no answer.

"Fine then. I'll just ask my wise man. Compaq, summon Goo Girl!"

The foreigners flinched slightly at the mention of the name, but otherwise remained silent.

Goo Girl entered the room within a flash.

"You summoned, General Wang? Goo Girl at your service. What do you want to find out?"

"I would like to know who these two people are."

Compaq spoke. "Honey, I've just found their names tagged under their collar. This one's called Ghost.pif, and the other one's called Autorun.inf".

"Well done Compaq. Now, Goo Girl, can you tell me anything about Ghost.pif and Autorun.inf?"

"Please wait a moment while I consult the heavens and the earth..."

Goo Girl shut his eyes and opened it wide a split second later.

"I seem to only be able to trace some information in Chinese from the people in Asia, describing them as what did they call them? .... ??... that would mean ... wooden horse ... no... that's too literal... ah ha! Trojan Horse!"

"Another of those from the Trojan Horse tribe! What are they plotting sending spies to my haven? They must be the ones trying to send those suspicious messages to Korea."

"Wait, there's more!" Goo Girl interrupted. "It seems that these foreigners were created only at the moment you summoned the dancers. It seems that there is somebody pulling the strings behind the shadows."

"What? You mean to say that there are even more of them here?"

"Yes, sir."

"Compaq, get me W. Search!"

"As you wish, dear." And off she went, and moments later entered with W. Search.

"W. Search! I want you to search the place and find anybody suspicious entering the vicinities of my haven today, force them out if you have too!"

"Yes, sir!" And off he went to perform his task.

Hours later...

W. Search entered the room.

"Reporting sir! I have found that around the time you've sent the two intruders to be executed, two suspicious individuals apparently managed to enter the 'Internet Explorer' room!"

"Why are they suspicious?"

"Definitely. For one, they were trying to conceal themselves. Secondly, their names gave them away. One is called D.L.L. HiJack, the other B.A.K. HiJack. They seem to be twins actually. And we have no information about anybody assigning them to the room."

"Get W. Explorer to get rid of them immediately!"

"I've tried that sir. However, he didn't seem to be able to execute them. It's like they have some divine protection!!"

"Stubborn fellows heh? Right, get me Commander Prompt! I'll take care of him myself, even if it's the last thing I do!!" General Wang marched to the Internet Explorer room, with Commander Prompt scurrying behind. Upon reaching the room, he pushed the doors open.

"Die you worthless scum!! How dare you interrupt my happy hour!"

Commander Prompt tugged General Wang's sleeve. "Erm, sir. I can't seem to see them anywhere."

"Where did they go? Did they escape? Perhaps they have used some dark magic to conceal their presence. Commmander Prompt, undo their magic!"

"Aye aye sir!" Commander Prompt chanted a few advanced spells.


Gradually, the fuzzy outline of a person can be seen surfacing from the background. Finally, the shape formed

"You have finally appeared, eh, HiJack? Now DIE!!!!"

General Wang slashed his mighty blade in an attempt to slice HiJack to two pieces. However, there seemed to be a barrier surrounding HiJack. General Wang was infuriated, especially upon observing HiJack's evil grin.

"So this is the legendary divine protection barrier eh? Not even my mighty blade can slash through it."

"I never thought I will ever use it. Compaq, get me my prized MoveOnBoot!" Compaq entered with a long sword.

"You will need a legendary sword to break a legendary barrier. Let's see who will remain the legend. Take that!!"

With a mighty swing, the sword rested on the boundaries of the barrier. The barrier resisted. Notwithstanding its own magic poweress, the barrier finally showed a crack. Within a few seconds, the sword cut through the barrier and through both twins. They screamed and cursed, and then vanished into thin air.

"Whew. That was a tough battle. Right, we need to beef up security in the coordination of the dancers. Compaq, please make sure that the dancers don't automatically start dancing without my permission. I don't want them starting until I'm ready."

"Sure thing honey."

"Let's hope something like this never happens again... But really, I know the intruders brought these spies in, but how did the intruders get in in the first place?"


Weeks later.

General Wang was about to drink his Chinese Tea when Colonel AyWeeGee, Lieutenant Tiny PF and Captain W. Explorer all came bursting into the room at the same time.

"General Wang! We have intruders from the Trojan Horse Downloader Tribe again!"
"General Wang! We have suspicious outgoing messages again!"
"General Wang! There are spies in the Internet Explorer room again!"

"What? Didn't we destroy the spies the last time?"

"Yes, but this time they called themselves DLL Romdriver and BAK Romdriver."

"Ok. We really need to do something about the security of that cursed Internet Explorer room. Guess I have to bring out my precious MoveOnBoot again. Did you find out how they entered in the first place?"

Compaq answered, "It seemed that they entered disguised in one of M.S. Anne's papers"

"What? I thought I have hidden all those funny looking symbols!"

"It seemed to have come from the advertisement page this time, dear" answered Compaq.

"What? Guess it's high time I fire her then. Get me one of those younger ones, I think they're called W. Live or something. They may be more plump, but at least they can withstand such intrusion better."

"Yes, dear", said Compaq, and passed General Wang his prized sowrd.

"Now, off to slay more enemies!!" And off he marched, right into the glorious sunset, with his loyal subordinates behind him.

>> THE END <<

For your information, the Worm (or rather the trojan which downloads the worm) I've encountered was spread through QQ, an Asian Instant Messenger. I guess that's why it ended up spreading through other instant messengers too. And that explains why I could only find Chinese articles on it when I googled. I have just found some English descriptions of it now, like this and this. It was only "discovered" by Symantec as "W32.Drom" on the 22nd May! (Note that my date of battle was the 16th!) And you think it will be safe to just have antivirus software running (>.<) The moral of the story? Even hovering your mouse over an icon will spell disaster.

Hope you've enjoyed the story (^,^) It is supposed to be educational. Any constructive criticism on my writing (yeah... i know it sucks...) or on my security endeavour are most welcome (>.<)


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