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Moving to a New Room!

I know I haven't been updating lately, what with being busy with my project, planning my Eurotrip, dealing with worms and trojans (which BTW is spread through the network... my computer is not infected...) and... moving to a new flat!

I have been withholding specific information about the flat I have been living in for privacy reasons, but since I have moved out I think it is now fine to share information about my flat with you.

I have been (and am still) living in an off-campus university accommodation for the past 9 months. It is called Montague Burton Residences, and it is one of the most popular accommodation among students of the university. It costs 80 pound per week to stay here. The picture below shows the entrance to Montague Burton. The barrier thingy has just been added recently, I think.... don't recall seeing it there previously...

I have always thought the this place is pretty. I like how all the blocks are arranged in a circle (well, square to be exact, but you get my point...), with a nice green field right in its centre (along with its own BBQ area). Lots of trees too. I'm not sure how many blocks are there in total (I remember there's an M block).

The nice field in the centre...

... along with its BBQ area.

Here is the layout of the place, as seen from Google Maps.

Ok, so I have been living in Block D, which in located between Block C and Block E. You might think that I am stating the obvious, but then I find that to be the most charming part about my block. See the picture below.

It might be quite obvious in the picture, but most people will not even notice the "D". In fact, it is not even a block! It's actually part of block C. As a matter of fact, my flat is the whole of block D. You can't even see my (former) flat from here (the little building you see squashed in between is the kitchen of a flat in block C and block E respectively). I guess the only reason it is called a "block" is because it is not accessible from the other blocks. So how do you get there?

Go down the nice little stairs of course! And you will finally reach "block" D!

The door to the left is the entrance. I have no idea where the right door leads to. After going through 2 doors, the first thing that greets you is...

...the shower room (^^;). I thought it looked quite old at first, but got used to it after a while.

Turning right and moving a few steps forward, you will see on your right...

...a nice, cosy room which you will visit a few times a day (^^;)

Going straight ahead, you will reach...

...the place where I bump into my flatmates the most. A very large kitchen. It's also supposed to be the social room, since there is no common room here.

Stepping out of the kitchen, here is how it looks like.

"Ok ok I don't care about toilets and kitchens! I just want to see your room!"

There. Happy? (>.<)

So where am I living now? Just the next block actually. This makes moving easy, as I did not really need to pack up my stuff. Of course, the havoc after my pack-as-you-move session at my new place is indescribable... (>.<)

And here is a final picture taken outside. The "bridge" is actually the entrance to block E. Entering that block is kinda high-tech experience in itself: you scan your key-fob (keychain-like thingy) at the scanner somewhere on the bridge, say "Open Sesame", and the door will magically open for you! (Okay, the "Open Sesame" is unnecessary... lame... I know (^^;)) And when you need to go out, just push a button and the doors will be open unto you! Neat. And it works beautifully. (Unlike some *cough*Cyberia*cough* "smart" home which forces its residents to pay for a bulky, fragile card (which could get spoilt like within 3 months), to see its "high-tech" doors damaged).

Alright, I guess that's all about my old place which I have called my home for 9 months since the day I came here (well alright, the second day. I was at a temporary accommodation on my first night.) I'm gonna miss my room dearly. *sniff*

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