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Experiment with Crisps


Pick a random sample from the population of crisps (or chips in Malaysian terms).

(Walkers are British crisps. Very nice BTW ^^)

Choose a random specimen from the random sample.

Objective: To determine how long it takes for a crisp to lose its crispness (masuk angin (lit. "enter wind") in Malay or "leak wind" in Chinese) if left exposed in the open in a room in Leeds, England.

P.S. It has only been two days since the experiment and the crisp has already started to lose its crisp. Hmmm... I have thought that the low level of humidity over here will allow it to last longer... Oh well...


1 YP said,

Two days is a long time! I think these chips will lose crispness in more than a day whether in UK or in Malaysia, so it may be difficult to compare.

Perhaps you should try something else, such as cream crackers which will lose crispness in half a day in Malaysia.

Hmm…. there is nothing else you think about other than food is it?!

2 josiah said,

It has only started to lose its crispness. But it’s still crispy right now (4th day). I am expecting it to last for at least 2 weeks (^_^)

Can crisps even be considered food? (^^;) Well you can only understand if you are deprived of good yummy Malaysian food over here like me (>.<)

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