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Kinderdijk, the Netherlands

Kinderdijk (pronounced "Kinderdike" or something like that) is a little village in the Netherlands, located near Rotterdam. The Netherlands is famous for its windmills. Kinderdijk itself has 19 windmills, and the site is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The windmills are used to drain excess water.

There are a few ways to get here from Rotterdam. You could take a train then a bus, or you could take a cruise there! I opted for the latter.

This is how "Nehalennia" looks like inside.

It took one hour to get to Kinderdijk from Rotterdam aboard the "Nehalennia". You can order food and drinks whilst enjoying the view during the journey. I would have been happy to sit on the nice chairs on the deck outside if it wasn't raining (>.<) But that did not stop me from taking pictures (^,^). Anyhow, after approximately one hour, the boat arrived at Kinderdijk, and we were given only one hour to play. Fortunately, the rain had stopped.

On the way to the windmills...

Another pretty picture of the windmills...

A windmill open to the public.

The ladders in the windmill are really steep! (>.<)

At the top of the windmill. The wheel above me often turned out of the blue, without any warning. Obviously, it was moved by the wind.

A nice, warm, cosy little room for you to stay in...

A picture taken from inside the windmill...

I'll end with another picture of the place. This place is truly beautiful!

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