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Infeasible or Unfeasible?

Infeasible or Unfeasible???

I have always used infeasible, and I was surprised when my spell checker (not Mircrosoft Word) suggested otherwise.

A little Google search and I found a discussion thread which did not give any concrete conclusions...

Cambridge Dictionaries Online suggests that infeasible is the US variant for unfeasible.

Infeasible does not exist at

Wiktionary accepts both, whilst Wikipedia is inconclusive.

Google returns about 2,740,000 hits for "infeasible" and 1,440,000 for "unfeasible". If I limit it to the "uk" domain, then it's 61,000 for "infeasible" and 68,700 for "unfeasible". It seems though that "infeasible" often appears more in research or academic related stuff whilst "unfeasible" appears more as a layman's term. I'm also guessing this is a American vs. British English thing.

Arrggghh!!! **pulls hair** Why do people have to make life so difficult?! Since it's so infeasibly unfeasible to choose the feasible word, I think it will be more feasible to just go with "not feasible" (>.<)

(I know I have not been updating much recently (Only 3 posts in August?!). Been busy writing up my thesis -- that's what I call it although it's supposed to be merely a project report -- and it really takes a great deal of time to write tour-based articles (organising pictures, checking facts etc.) hence my procrastination ^^;)

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