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Food Indulgence in Italy

Before I start posting about Germany (which should be quite short), allow me to interrupt my string of Eurotrip articles to talk about various delicacies which I have sampled during my trip in Italy. This means that I will be posting lots of pictures of glorious, yummy, mouthwatering looking FOOD. You definitely should not be reading this on an empty stomach in the middle of the night... you have been warned! (>.<)

I wished I had more time (and money) to try out all the food here. Yes, living in the U.K. for too long will turn you into a hungry ghost! Also, having to stare blankly at menus written only in Italian definitely did not help (>.<)

Okay, ready? Let's start with some dessert (^_^) Throughout Italy, you can find many gelateria like these all over the place...

where they sell... gelato!!

You choose the size (a.k.a. number of scoops) and then choose your flavour. Of course, you are often spoilt with choices (>.<) Now that we are happily licking gelatos, why not try some pastries??

A panzerotti from the famous fast food store in Milan called Luini.

A Kranz from the same store.

More fruity desserts anyone? (^_~)

Of course, when you're by the sea (e.g. in Cinque Terre) seafood is a must! This is a grilled seafood platter for 2 persons, with grilled squid, lobsters, fish, prawns and local lobsters.

My friend had some spaghetti with local lobsters (wait, I don't think it was spaghetti... it was flatter... can't remember the name though)

Of course, spaghetti is not all about Tomato sauces and cheese. Here is a plate of plain seafood spaghetti, mixed with olive oil.

And we all love Gelatos, don't we? (^_~) And this one even had a wafer (^^) Sorry, I don't remember what flavour that was though...

A nice homemade pizza from a deserted village on the hill. I recall seeing the lady using a big traditional looking oven like this one to bake it. Along with the shovel thingy to push the pizza into and out from the oven (^^;)

This is just a simple Cotoletta di Pollo (pollo = chicken) which was used to fuel myself before climbing up the leaning tower of Pisa (^_^). Of course, things in Pisa are horribly expensive (>.<)

It is always nice to visit a gelateria when you're tired... (^,^)

This involtini with rice tasted great, but its size left much to be desired... (come on, I'm sure even a 2-year-old can finish that!)

In any restaurants in Italy, whenever you seat yourself, you will automatically be charged around 2 euros as a "cover" charge. This covers service charge, your table cloth, as well as some stale looking bread which are soft and fluffy in the inside but barely bite-able on the outside (>.<) Also shown in the picture is an olive-oil mediterranean biscuit or something...

Of course, I drink mineral water most of the time. You get to choose still or sparkling water. I prefer still, but if you enjoy sparkling better go ahead (imagine drinking a tasteless Sprite >.<)

And yeah... Gelatos are very good! (^,^)

Croissants are part of a typical Italian breakfast. This one is pre-packaged, from my breakfast-inclusive hostel.

Cappuccino is served in a tiny little cup which little girls use to play masak-masak (toy teasets...) Wait... I think it was even smaller than that! (>.<)

Even my gelato is bigger than the puny little toycup!! (^,^)

Anyway, some proper food. A funghi tagliatelle. Or was it fettuccine? Can't remember (>.<) Nice plate by the way...

Finally, a lasagne (I think) in ragu sauce which I had in the airport before flying off to Germany. I told you I didn't have much time to tour Rome, let alone to eat? (>.<) Anyway, as an apology for ending this with a plate of not-so-appetising-looking food (which tastes quite nice by the way), I will leave you with some nice chocolatey dessert for you to choose from! (^_^)

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