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Completion of M.Sc. Dissertation

Finally, after toiling for months, I've completed my M.Sc. Dissertation! Of course, it is supposed to be a project report, but I've structured it to appear more as a thesis. Of course, I was forced to include some project management stuff here and there because of assessment reasons. Don't ask me what the title means... I'll just let you interpret it for yourself (^_^)

Who knew that writing a maximum of 60 pages could be so mundane and tiring, especially when you're busy keeping your spelling and grammar at check? I seemed to spot grammatical errors everywhere every time I read through my thesis. In fact, I spotted like about 20 mistakes the morning before submission (most of them being subject/verb agreement errors)! If I had a pound every time I banged my head against my laptop, I'd be filthy rich by now! Next time I'll just hire the services of a proofreader (>.<)

I found myself to be quite relaxed though throughout the duration of the project compared to some of my coursemates who were designing and writing software. Relaxed enough to go on a Eurotrip in the midst of the project! (^o^) I opted for a more research oriented work, and only programmed to implement algorithms rather than designing pretty software for people to use. No, I have learnt my lesson during my undergraduate project: there is no point wasting my time creating software that look amazing, as no one will appreciate the amount of time and sweat I put in producing it. But it is not fair to say that I am lazy now. I still programmed like thousands of lines of (inefficient) code, and I also had my share of problems like being out of ideas. I just worked like the strategist I am; since only the report is directly assessed, why bother wasting my time perfecting user interfaces when I can instead use it to correct my grammar for example? (>,<)

And I really got to say... academic writing is just so plain annoying. First person "I" is not encouraged, "we" sounds so out of place, and some people encourage the use of active voice over passive voice. How can you construct a proper sentence this way? (>.<)

Yeah... I'm so looking forward to writing a PhD thesis.

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