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Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Okay, my trip to Berlin was a last minute thing, and I didn't really have time to do my homework on Berlin. I pretty much grabbed a guidebook and went around taking pictures at tourist spots, not knowing much about most of them. Anyhow, this is just a digest of what Berlin has to offer.

First, an overview. Before arriving, I didn't expect to find Berlin that interesting since it is just a city. Boy was I wrong. I actually enjoyed my trip to Berlin. I liked the futuristic, modern feeling emitted by the place, as well as their lack of cars on the road. The city gave a calm and quiet feeling, as opposed to other major cities in the world. Like in the Netherlands, people go around on bicycles. They even bring their bicycles onto trains! And speaking of trains, their metro system is top notch and efficient. I've enjoyed analysing their S-Bahn (think LRT) and U-Bahn (underground trains) routes which seemed complex at first but were pretty fun to play around with (e.g. changing trains here and there). You can take a look at their rail map if you want. I found their "ring" which goes around the "A" zone interesting: since there is no destination, you have to see whether you're going "clockwise" or "counter-clockwise" instead (^^). Anyhow, you can have a day pass for about 6 euros. I practically travelled around Berlin using their metro. BTW, sights of people carrying their bicycles or bringing their dogs/puppies into the train are quite a norm.

The Brandenburger Tor is the symbol of Berlin.

The Reichstag is also nearby.

There are many museums on Museum Island. For example, the Bode Museum,

and also the renowned Pergamon Museum,

which contains the Pergamon Altar,

the (reconstruction of the) Ishtar Gate,

and also a model of the Tower of Babel.

The Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) is also on Museum Island.

The interior of the cathedral was glittering and glistening in gold!! I was awed by the grandeur of the place.

Even the dome was not spared.

The Fernsehturm (television tower) in Berlin.

The Berlin Zoo (which I did not enter of course...)

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, old and new (the hexagonal squarie one), side-by-side. The old church is kept as a reminder of the horrors of war.

The Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain). Very fascinating. The picture does not do justice to the real thing at all.

The Rotes Rathaus (town hall) near the fountain.

The erm... thingy at KurfĂĽrstendamm (shopping area).

And finally, a Berlin bear!! (^^)

Haha... I didn''t even notice that my camera was pointing at Malaysia! LOL... Now that is what I call true (unconcious) patriotism (^,^)

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