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Eating out in Germany

What better way is there to end my Eurotrip articles than to show you pictures of food? (^o^) So... take a look at the various food I have sampled throughout my 3 day 3 nights in Germany.

I was staying at a four-star hotel during my first night, then downgraded myself to a three-star hotel, then further down to two stars during my last night there. I just needed to pamper myself after walking endlessly for almost a week in Europe. It wasn't that expensive anyway (^,^)

Here is how (buffet) breakfast at a four-star hotel in Germany looks like...

This is some 10-fruit-cocktail juice thingy (can't remember the exact name). Sounds healthy, tastes nice (^^)

After downgrading to a 3-star hotel, even the food was downgraded.

The 2-star hotel does not include breakfast, so I only get a free summer cocktail instead.

Of course, I was not stuck only with hotel food. I was also out on the streets sampling street food. Of course, I have already tried these things in Leeds during the German Christkindelmarkt, but I just had to have them again!

A currywurst (Curry Sausage), lovingly sprinkled with curry powder and loaded with a generous amount of ketchup and cut into bite-size pieces for easy eating. Want a bite, anyone? (^^)

A Frikadellen (german burger). Yum yum!

At a restaurant called Rocco, I had "2 fried Berlin sausages with sauerkraut and potatoes" (It is always a good idea to take a picture of the menu along with your food ^^). Personally, I thought the sausage earlier was slightly taster.

My friend had "smoked pork Kasseler with sauerkraut and potatoes" (pictured here partially eaten; there were 3 pieces). It was the bestest thing I'd tried throughout my whole Eurotrip. Wished I'd ordered that (>.<)

At ASADO Steakhaus, I had "Schweinemedaillons mit einer Champignoncremesauce, Pommes Frites und einem kleinen gemischten Salat"! Haha... now you know how fun ordering can be if you don't get an English menu. Ok, it's actually "Filet from pork with a champignon creme, french fries and a small mixed salad". Quite nice. This was also the moment my (UK) credit card decided to officially get blocked for going overlimit. Since I was short of cash, I had to pay using my Malaysian credit card (which I had brought along to Europe in case of an emergency ^^). So the meal (for 2 persons) cost me about RM150. NEVER think in Ringgit Malaysia when you're in this part of the world (>.<)

Finally, beacuse of lack of time, my last meal in Germany was at a fast food restaurant called Nordsee which specialises in fish.

And since I was almost out of cash, this was the best choice I could make. I can't remember the name, but it has something to do with rice, fish and something about being mediterranean.

And that officially concludes the whole Eurotrip series (after two months of procrastination >.<). Can't believe I've finally managed to finish writing about all these. I wonder what else is there to write about after this? (>.<)


1 YP said,

You are therefore confer a Ph.D in European Food Science! come back to Malaysia….!

2 josiah said,

Are you missing me already? (^_~) I don’t think it’s worth a PhD yet … this is only Germany… there’re still like so many more European countries to go (^,^)

3 bakaka said,

credit card overlimit >.<
must have been a great panic >.<

4 josiah said,

haha… there was no real panic… I have already expected it to go overlimit anytime since I was using it to pay for all my hostel/hotel fees… I just didn’t know when (>.<)

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