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University of Leeds, Leeds

After more than a year in Leeds, I have not posted anything on Leeds. Well, I still won't be posting about Leeds (I don't think I have time to go around town taking pictures), not that there's much to post about (^^;). However, I will, in this post, give you a brief tour of the University of Leeds instead.

Firstly, we have the famous landmark of Leeds, and basically the symbol of the university. This is the Parkinson Building, where people are often asked to look for as a reference if they ever get lost.

And we also have Parkinson steps, which is pretty much the steps going up towards Parkinson building. It is basically everybody's favourite meeting point. "Where should we meet?" "Parkinson steps!" (^^;) During lunch time, the steps are filled with students, all seated on the steps while enjoying their sandwiches/burgers/fast food/whatever for lunch. No, sitting down properly on the table for lunch is not an option over here! (>.<)

The University of Leeds is much related to the textile industry in the good old days. So there are many clothworkers' buildings such as these on campus.

Also linked to the clothworkers is the Great Hall, where graduation ceremonies are held, which I would most probably not be going to due to money issues and certain commitments (>.<)

And here we have the Sports Centre. Not that I have ever set foot into the place (>.<)

The Edward Boyle library, one of the three libraries on campus. This is basically the library for Science students (like me). The Brotherton library (an amazing building!) is for Arts students, whilst the Health Sciences library is for the medics. Anyway, the libraries are full of good, quality (not to mention sometimes old) books.

The E.C.Stoner building, where students go to pay fees, fight over money, and deal with administrative stuff. This is also where the School of Computing is located. Very convenient for us Computer Science people, don't you say? (^^)

Here we have the Roger Steven's Building, which I personally consider as the 8th Architectural Wonder. More on this later.

And connecting E.C. Stoner building, Roger Steven's building and Edward Boyle library building is a long covered corridor. Calculated from the E.C. Stoner building, it is considered to be one of the longest stretches of corridor in Europe [source].

A closeup.

Outside Roger Steven's, we have a nice little pond, and a not-so-nice little fountain. The pond is said to contain lots of ducks according to the duckdensity ranking. Funny, I don't recall seeing any ducks in the pond (>.<)

Okay, the remaining part of this post is dedicated to my favourite building in the university, the Roger Steven's building! Come on, how can anyone not be awed by this wonderful, inspiring, futuristic, yet traditional looking piece of architecture? By the weird slanting design of the building, I bet you can already guess what this building is used for. Yes, it's a lecture theatre.

Inside the building, I bet I will be lost if it weren't for the signs. Once you go up a level, it's like a labyrinth! There're stairs everywhere, going in different directions!

And along some stairs, you have doors leading to some unknown dungeon! They're marked with something like "2a", "2b", "2c", "2d" etc. What's beyond the doors?

Told you it was a dungeon! >.< Yes, this is the place of torture where students try to fight the seduction of the goddess of sleep whilst listening to some boring lecturer blabbering away... (yeah, I am not a fan of lectures >.<) Anyway, students will enter from the side doors of the lecture room (I quite like the idea), where each row will have its own side door.

And nice comfy foldable seats too (^^)

If you are a lecturer, this is the view from the base.

And like any modern university, high-tech gadgets are there to tinker around with (^^)

Well I have only concentrated on the central area of the main campus. There are still many other places around the university which I have not covered. In fact, there are many places where I have never even set foot on!

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