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In the UK, prawn crackers often look like these: small and thin.

In my lovely hometown Kelantan, it is quite possible to get hold of Keropoks such as the one pictured below, assuming you know where to look for it, and assuming you have the time to leave them out to dry in the sun, and assuming that you bother to fry them yourself (or get someone else to fry them for you ^^).

Once you sink your teeth into one of these big babies, you just can't stop! (^,^)


1 YP said,

Oh dear little boy.. you are back to Malaysia and you are still talking about food.

Second thought, you should continue to talk about food, because by the time you are back to Cyberjaya, you have no food to talk about. :((

2 josiah said,

food is not bounded by geographic location…. and yes I will continue talking about food, so look forward to it! (^______^)

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