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What's Next?

Now that I am back in Malaysia, I won't be able to post about my touristy adventures in a foreign land. I doubt that my life as a tutor (or a lecturer-to-be) will be that interesting to talk about. And no, I prefer to keep my private diary to myself thank you. So what's there left for me to post about?

FOOD of course! Not just about my measly cooking, but glorious, yummy, gastronomic food, which is basically the best thing Malaysia has to offer. Perhaps I should start by posting a picture of the first meal I had after arriving in Malaysia (Man I love being evil ^_______^).

This is a plate of rice stacked with a gigantic piece of spare rib topped with a fried egg (for an additional RM0.50) from a restaurant in Damansara Jaya. The shop is also famous for its claypot chicken rice.

Haha, don't worry, I won't be posting all about food. I will still throw in some random ramblings once in a while as a side-dish (^_^). Or whatever I happen to find interesting, besides food (^,^)

I am also hoping to do a complete revamp of my website - yes, website and not a blog. And I'm not just talking about the layout. I have always meant my page to be a personal website revolving around me, and not merely a blog. Due to lack of time, I have only managed to whip up a simple layout and put up the blog (notice my gallery which has been "coming soon" since September 2006?). Hope to get a complete personal webpage up someday (which could be any time from today until never) with more interesting content and subsections. Any suggestions on what you would like to see? (^_~)

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