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New Domain Name

I bought a new domain name on a whim yesterday (^,^)

I was testing the availability of a particular domain name last night by searching a whois database, and then suddenly realised that there could be a danger of me losing that still-available domain name because of certain marketing strategies (no thanks to a certain conversation a few days ago). Hence I decided to just get hold of the domain name just in case. Even if I'm not really using it.

I registered for my domain at DomainSite for USD7.99 per year. I also added an additional USD0.50 to hide my contact details (in the whois database) from the world. I just realised that domainsite also offers free GoogleApps access for your domain. This includes a gmail account for your domain name (where you can create up to 200 users, I think)! Of course, you can only use GoogleApps if your nameserver is not set to another web hosting company. Pity. I could even get another GoogleApps account for my current domain name otherwise. :(

Since I am not really using the new domain name for the time being, thus will now redirect to No regrets buying it... at least I don't have to worry about my domain name being used as a porn site or something (^^;)

Edit (2/7/2009): is now my official website for any academic/research matters!!


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