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First Cooking Back in Malaysia

Oh my gosh! My last post was one month ago! I only had 3 posts in November, and this is my first post for December! I have really really been busy over the past two months: I'll elaborate on that in another post in near future. Anyway, I really hope I'll be able to write more regularly from now on... need to get the momentum back >.<

Well, since I have been slightly more free these few days (I said slightly, not that I'm totally free), I've started experimenting with cooking again. A few days ago, I whipped out my very first cooking (by myself, for myself) since returning to Malaysia. And here it is...

Fried noodles! LOL... fried noodles (which includes many varieties) has always been one of my main cooking for lunch when I was in the UK. I usually stock up my cabinet with all kinds of noodles (bee hoon (rice vermicelli), shanghai noodles, flat noodles, air dried noodles, spaghetti etc.), along with various dried/frozen stuff such as cocktail sausages, fish balls, dried mushrooms etc. so that I can cook them whenever I want.

Anyway, this plate of noodles tasted quite different from what I used to cook. Can't point my finger at where the difference is. It is most probably the different oyster sauce I used, or it could be that the fire wasn't hot enough. I was surprised that there wasn't any smoke from my pan at all.... I used to get lots of smoke when I was in the UK (I have actually triggered the fire alarm once >.<)

Well, anyway... enjoy! ^,^

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