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Arrival of Excess Baggage

My "excess baggage" has finally arrived in Malaysia after 2 months!

It is difficult to bring back all your belongings from abroad along with you during your flight back. Thus, I used the services of to ship a single box (of less important stuff) back to Malaysia for 31.99 pounds. This price would be cheaper if you ship more boxes back, but I didn't need that many boxes. Of course, the price is also inclusive of a "medium box" (18 inches x 18 inches x 20 inches. However, due to circumstances (last minute arrangements), I had to find my own box from a storage company (3 pounds).

This was the box (not yet packed fully) whilst still in the UK.

After 2 months, the box arrived on Christmas day itself! Feels like receiving a big Christmas present from Santa ^^

If you look carefully, there are layers and layers of brown duct tape all over the box; I was paranoid ok? And the box was flattened and full of creases ^^; I wonder how many hundreds of boxes were stacked on top of it throughout its journey home?

And here is how the top layer looked like when opened! I've put all my clothes/jackets and stuff on the top -- wise decision.

All the heavy stuff like books (read and unread) and lots of course notes (read but forgotten) are dumped at the bottom layer.


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