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In the Examination Hall

This year this semester (or rather trimester), MMU Cyberjaya has decided to hold their exams in the grand hall, which can accomodate about 1000 people (I think). Amidst all the confusions of invigilating such a large scale exam, I received some nice "entertainment" from students during the exam.

One of the questions from one of the papers is something like "One who accepts a bribe is as corrupt as one who offers it. Discuss".

One student asked, "What is the meaning of bribe?"
*cold sweat* (^^;)

Another student circled "bribe is as corrupt", and then asked: "What does it mean?"
*double cold sweat* (^^;;)

The best part is my answer: "Ask your lecturer" (>,<)

The even better part: Their lecturer is on leave (-.-||||)

If they were Engineering or I.T. students, I might still accept it. But these are Management students, and they don't even know the meaning of the word "bribe" or even "corrupt"? Do they read newspapers? And they've been studying in English full time for like what a few years?

That's the current standard of English among students in Malaysia. And they are (mass-)producing more straight-A students than during my father's time (or even MY time). Go figure. (>.<)


1 WunShe said,

I do not dare to comment as my english standard is terrible too *triple cold sweat*

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