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My graduation ceremony was held on 11 December 2007. Where was I at the time? Playing pool in Cyberjaya (>.<). In other words, I was "conferred in absentia". However, I did manage to view a streaming video of the ceremony some time later. Great to see some of my coursemates going onstage to receive their degrees.

Anyway, I've managed to get one of my coursemates to send me the graduation booklet for my ceremony all the way back to Malaysia (thanks Sanaz!).

Obviously, my name is not in the list of graduands. However, I did receive an "honourable mention" towards the last page of the booklet.

"The M.Sc. Prize in Computing is awarded for the best performance in any Masters taught course programmes in the School of Computing"


Bragging? No.... of course not.... (^_^)


1 YP said,

wah…congrrat. must belanja makan then…

2 WunShe said,

Congratulation! Welcome back to Malaysia ~~~

3 josiah said,

@yp: i have not received any money for the prize yet >.<

@wunshe: thanks! good to see you here! _

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