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My Laptop is Back (Again?)

I have been trying hard to survive without my laptop (again) for the past two weeks.

I have been staying late in my office for the past two weeks to make use of my office PC as well as the Internet connection.

It appears that this time, my hard disk contains bad sectors. This means that all my data on the disk is gone. Fortunately, I have an online backup of most of my important stuff (about 30GB!!) at MozyBackup. Unfortunately, I did not backup everything, so I have lost some important stuff such as some downloads and recordings of my lovely singing whilst I was in the UK (ToT)

Anyway, I just got my laptop back a few days ago containing a brand new hard disk. I have to reinstall everything from scratch, which is quite an interesting thing to do.

But the excitement is short-lived...

After returning from work this evening, I pushed my launch button. Guess what appeared on my screen? Blank. Zero. Naught. Nothing.



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